Sunday, January 1, 2012

Less than 30 Day Old Shopping List

We all know how hard it is as a beginner in second life to figure out how to walk let alone find those great gifts to get started on an awesome avatar. Here are some links for designers who have kits just for those who are less than 30days old.

Just cut and past the url under the store name in your url bar in the game browser to teleport there. You may have to join a group to get the gift. Keep an eye on your public chat for instructions.

For more gifts that anyone can get check out the group gift pages - Men | Women
Also for help maneuvering SL as a beginner check out our Tips and Tricks section.

Full Avatars





Full Stores 

Animation Overrider (AOS)

Shopping Hud

  • Freebies for Newbies Voucher System start at Kastle Rock Couture
    This is an innovative way to get free gifts from designers in SL. I used it when I first started. Wear the HUD you get when you join the Freebies for Newbies group and visit each store. You can always wear the HUD later, click on it, and see if any new stores are added.