Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Season's Palette Hunt II Part Two!

Hellos, Everyone!

When we last left our heroines they were on the journey seeking the elusive color palettes that danced and twirled around the wind... (too much? well i am the imaginative sort *Grin*)
Okay..okay down to business my Palette seeking friends.

Next stop: Eric's Art Gallery. 

Let's talk about getting lost in the eye candy! (Abbie would love this store! She's into that art stuffs) I have to say I spent a little time here looking around at all the rich colors on the pictures this store had for sale and have marked a few for my next payday. I love the dark rich gem colors.

Which is a good thing in my case since I got two amazing pictures from Eric's Art Gallery. The top painting is a lovely "Plum Beautiful" the SPH #3 hunt gift and if you really good at looking around you might still be able get the bottom painting "Modern Day Circles" from the The Whiz - A Whizical Glam Hunt, it runs till January 31st. The hint here is "Take a seat, rest your feet, look around for a special treat".

Next Stop: Masoom 

Masoom is a lovely little shop that sales a mix of poses and clothing for women. The hint for here is "" The view outside is beautiful "

You get this sassy pink sweater top, The detailing is wonderful. Defiantly a keeper for my mix and match outfits.

Next Stop: Bounce 

No...no Tiggers here.. or did he go hop hop..twang? Idk.. I digress. First I want to say I love the design of this store. I liked how quaint it was with all the little details in it and the colors were awesome.

Your hint for here is "The Mail may be hiding something". I elbow Serraphena at this point cause I know she is giggling at me again. See I need glasses, yes I am getting old...well not so much old. I am shall we say an addict to the computer and books and that destroys the eyesight..so um yah I need glasses. And from a distance I read this hint as "The Maui may be hiding something" and was looking for a big fish. Needless to say I felt the fool when Serra laughingly pointed out my error. Nether-the-less in my wanderings for that big fish I found group gifts (Group free to join), the FTLO Millennium Hunt item and there are lucky letter boards, and midnight mania boards to slap. Tons of things to look at! But on to what you really want to know...what ya get:

You gets a nice little ensemble, Maddy Jeans and the Agnes Bustier. The Bustier came with ruffles for the bottom of the shirt, but I am not a ruffle kind of gal..and my poor avie is a bit curvy so those attachments rarely look good on me so I left it off.. still a cute number w/o ruffles.

And with that I call it a night, Take care my hunter friends-Till we hunt again!

~ Taliferrue

Hunt Details:
Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 71
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Group: http://world.secondlife.com/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b16
Cut and paste the link below into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears. 

Non Hunt Outfit Items: 

Non Hunt Appearance Items: 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Season's Palette Hunt II - Part One

Today Serraphena was feeling a little bit blue so I decided I knew just what she needed *distraction!!*. 

I thought that I had addiction issues but let me tell you the Queen of Hunts is my friend Serraphena. She lives for them, so much she keeps a handy log of hunts coming and going to keep her (and me) on track. And a hunt was just the thing to cheer her up. Grabbing her by the arm I dragged her out to check out the Season's Palette Hunt.

The Season's Palette hunt is a really neat hunt where contributors (yeah! fabulously distinct and talented designers!) create items using the colors on the palette this is Season II for the hunt and with a wintry theme the colors are a wonderful selection of pretty pearly gem tones. Cranberry Midnight and Arctic Blue are my favorite of this featured collection.

The hunt itself runs from January 29th to February 29th. The object to look for is a little palette of colors just like above. Start point is at the Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters, you must start at the headquarters to do this hunt. The first prize is cleverly hidden there. For hints to the hunt see the main blog, or if you need extra help join the hunt group, Cut and paste the link below into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears. The group is free to join and there are some really great people in the chat to talk with as you make your way through the hunt. http://world.secondlife.com/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b16.

It took me forever to figure out I was supposed to be looking for the palette so Serra just stood there laughing as I stumbled around like a fool till I finally figured it out. My girl, Serra, is old school.. no cheating and defiantly no telling me where to look...lol. gotta love her. The hint was "You gotta be bright to know where it is." and I can't say I was too darn bright - lol. But the confusion was so worth it! My foolishness paid off with an awesome side-table with a beautifully framed image, flowers and magazines. I loved the magazines laying around made it look very lived in. The frame is modifiable so I may slip a picture of Mel in it, but I first must figure out where to place it in my forest home.

Next Stop: Cube3 

Cube3 was a cute small shop very modern in its colors. The clue here was "What's the name of this store? Duhrr..." and you guessed it....I was "Duhrr!". Once more Serra laughed her butt off watching me stumble around searching. To amuse herself, she did a little shopping on the 10L wall. Which was next to the Lucky Letter boards and gift, which btw, is free to join.

Once I got over my totally Duhrr! moment I discovered I got a  new house!!!

 Don't climb on the fountain..You could get hurt!

I know! Let me give you a tour!!Look at this fabulously huge kitchen, a culinary artist's dream....hate to clean this up after a dinner party. Good thing for me I don't cook! The walls are a wonderful plumy color. I have a friend would die for this house! (yeah that's right Abbie, eat your heart out!)

Come this way, I have this lovely little breakfest/dinner nook. Perfect for a cozy dinner for two (hint hint Mel, order in.. I'm Hungry!)

And check out this awesome wall of art work, defiantly a place to stop and ponder the pretties. (Lookie Abbie..plum and butterflies)

Ohs sorry silly me, come have a seat in my lovely new living room. There's some awesome artwork there to be admired if you get bored of my chattering.

What oh your Yawning... are you tired? Well, come this way you can take a nap on my new bed. But I am warning you... no hanky panky!

I'll just sit over here in my reading nook with good book till you're up and about again.

ohs its getting late, my fellow hunt addicts I will post more tomorrow. Till then take care!
~ Taliferrue

Hunt Details:
Name: Season's Palette Hunt II
Runs January 29 – February 29, 2012
Starts at: Season's Palette Hunt Headquarters
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 71
Hunt Item: Small Color Palette like on the sign
Offical Blog: Season's Palette Blog
Group: http://world.secondlife.com/group/cdc1bbb1-ebfd-f59b-f6e5-73e95300b16
Cut and paste the link below into your chat window in SL, then click the link that appears. 

Outfit Items: 

Appearance Items: 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Year of the Dragon Hunt part 1

Hunt Details:
Name: Year of the Dragon Hunt
Runs January 23 – February 23, 2012
Starts at: Kastle Rock Couture
Cost: 0L per item
# of Stores: 71
Offical Blog: Year of the Dragon Blog
Group: Year of the Dragon Group

Outfit Items: 
Appearance Items: 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Asian Spice

Today, I just felt like exploring. I found a really nice hair store called Tukinowguma . I came away with a few hairs that I am quite pleased with. What I really was happy with was their Asian style hair. I have been looking for one to wear with my kimonos and cos-play outfits. So since I found this amazing hair, which is called Yoshika, I decided to put on my pretty new kimono cos-play outfit from BareRose. The following shots are the results of playing around on Azuchi, an Asian inspired Sim.

Oh small side note, Truth Hair is having a 50% off hair sale if you are a Truth fan like me its a must hit sale. The newest releases are on sale for  125L only this week though! You can see pictures of the lastest releases here and get details on the TRUTH district, the other stores are also having sales too.

Take care,

Friday, January 20, 2012

Freebie Flash: Just Breath Taking....

I know it's way past Christmas and everyone is ready to move on from the red and greens of the season but I just had to share this pretty number from Vyperz. Vyperz is a lovely new little clothing store featuring outfits for men and women created by Kallee Vyper. The outfits below are both group gifts, the group is free to join.  I recommend going and nabbing these while you still can! The dress is breath taking and is a must have for next Christmas!

Happy Hunting and take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freebie Flash: Its a Craving...

Tonights freebie flash comes from Crave. You will need to join the group to receive the outfits below. 

The first gift is  the Crave 5000 Member gift. A beautiful red gown with that comes with a Fur Stole. Shoes not included.  Next dress is a spunky mini great for wearing to a night club called Shake it. It comes with shoes. The third find is the adorable pleated mini outfit called "crave-meltdown" Perfect for the good girl gone bad image. 

Paired with the Crave meltdown outfit is a cute pair of Zebra pumps and darling silver spiked bracelets all free group gifts from Crave.

Be sure to slap the boards and if your inclined to spend a bit of time check out the camping chairs. Some awesome outfits there to be had also!

Happy hunting my friends, Take care till the next awesome freebie find!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freebie Flash: Garden Party!

Tonight thanks to a freaky teleport accident I ended up at a small store called Son!a Luxury Fashion. It is a darling little dress shop jam packed with some amazing gowns to wear out on a evening on the town!

 I found this adorable freebie hair with a hat called Son!a New Life Hair Hat - Cocoa. I love the detail of the hat and hair, the back of the hair has beautiful beaded Barrettes holding your hair up. I ADORE details like that. I loved it so much I had to go out and find a dress to go with it. I found a cute dollarbie (1L) Summertime Dreams ::Haus Of Gaga:: off of marketplace.

Have a wonderful evening hunting the freebie finds, my friends! Take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:

  • Son!a Luxury Fashion

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion Flash! Teal Temptations

Hepburn is probably one of my most favorite actress from my childhood. My mother would always call me in to sit down and watch television with her when one came on. I was pleased to find at Dressed by Lexi (DBL) her rendition of an Hepburn gown. Teal was never a favorite color of mine but this one defiantly pleased me and made me consider as a positive color choice in the future. The DBL-Hepburn gown is on the 2nd floor of DBL in the back group gift room. Lexi was also kind enough to put out accessories with each gown, they are not free but are very reasonably priced. You will need to join the group to get the free gown, its worth it and free. Lexi puts out a new gown every month.

I am not wearing my normal skin in the above image. I was trying out the free skin I got from "Style by Kira" Called Tamika Skin. You receive three versions. Its free to all if you can find the little gold bar. I believe its a hunt item but I am not familiar with the acronym on the hunt name to tell you which hunt it goes to. I was there with a friend looking at skins when I found it.

And last but not least  Virtual Impressions  put out another amazing group gift ,Ellen Jewelry, a beautiful Teal earring and necklace set. The group is free to join. I have to say I really enjoy the jewelry from Virtual Impression. I wear it a lot with my evening outfits. If you don't like the color in the freebie they always have different color versions you can buy at a reasonable price for such good quality jewelry.

That is all for tonight my freebie hunting friends, take care until the next great find!

Goodie List:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freebie Flash: Purple Panic Attack!

We have some amazing items tonight in our Freebie Flash.  I was excited to get a note card announcing the Winter WonderSale through out Zyrra District, almost everything is half off!! You may be wondering why this would make me squeal..well that is the home sim to Jane and OMG do I love Jane!!!!  Jane does this amazing high quality, affordably priced,  good-girl-next-door style in clothing, which is what I so look for with a passion in sl. 

And they have  grab bags, which are the most awesome thing for a penny pincer like me. A grab bag is like a fat pack ...but bigger...tons of colors.. and affordable! So I leapfrogged over there and browsed around, bought a lot of stuff I probably didn't need. I saw they still had their awesome intrinsic tanks (in a grab bag) for free and their needful things rompers (grab bag) up so I nabbed the rompers, already own the tanks. The rompers are season 2 colors so I am excited about exploring them!  Starting the outfit out with the delightful deliciously concord intrinsic tank.

So I paired the top with a awesome pair of freebie basic jeans from from Allusions . As I have said in the past and can't really not say it enough, I recommend you taking a trip to Allusions and picking up all their pants. These freebie jeans are awesome in detail, the stitching is so cute with pretty much any shirt you pair it with. The adorable hair style is from Raspberry, its free and comes in a full fat pack of gorgeous lush colors. 

 KoKo's new soft leather shoulder bag, a group gift (free to join) was the perfect match to compliment the concord tank, KoKo never fails to give out a great group gift be sure to check back there often. If you like the group gift you can always purchase it in different colors in the store. Also be sure to check all the sales items around the group freebie sign, lots of goodies to be had.

Also on the same sim as Jane and Raspberry is  Pink Inc. an awesome little shop you should pay a visit too also. I found these really cute earrings there as a free gift. They look alot better in game than in the picture, I unfortunately am still learning how to do close ups pictures.

Ever An' Angel sent out a note card announcing their new outfit, I like standing and drooling over their stuff so I hopped over to see it in person as the link in the note card wouldn't rez in. I found out that instead of them putting out a demo on the shoes that go with the awesome dress they are giving out a pair for free! Oh lucky days.. they are the Redoute Shoes - Antique! Wonderfully designed Mesh heels. Even though I am not sold on mesh yet I found these to be really cute and will keep them to wear again. (note on the picture above the cute stitching I was talking about on the Allure Basic Jeans).

And the final item I want to share with you are the awesome Chinese New Year Gifts from Vogue. For group members You get all four of the makeups above. To all guests you get the lower left one. These are vibrant colors ...really pop.. and to be honest, I hate makeups.. for me to want to wear one they have to be good.

Happy Hunting my fellow freebie finders, take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:

Jane (free to all)
Allusions  (free to all)
KoKo  (group gift)
Ever An' Angel  (free to all)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freebie Flash! Beautiful Accessories.

Today is the last day to get the Agatha in chocolate Jewelry set from  Virtual Impressions. You will need to join the group, it is free, to get this amazing necklace. I love finding good quality jewelry at an affordable price. While there take a look around the store, they have this awesome set called Ursula on sale right now that is sure to match that evening/wedding dress you have been wanting to accessories.

Until the next awesome freebie find, take care my fellow freebie fanatics.

Goodie List:
Virtual Impressions

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Freebie Flash: Cocktail Time!

MOREA released their January Group Gift today, Marissa, a beautiful blue cocktail dress; comes with lovely earrings. While there take a look at the new release wall, there are some really cute and stylish outfits! Don't forget to hit the Midnight Madness board while there, this one is loaded with a an adorable red blouse! 

 KoKo's group freebie,  denim blue booties, were the perfect match to compliment MOREA's cocktail dress, which trilled me to death since I was hoping for somethign to wear these adorable booties with. KoKo never fails to give out a great group gift be sure to check back there often. They always release some amazing outfits and shoes. 

And as a plus to my evening, I picked up Virtual Impressions gift, Alicia Earrings. Perfect to add to an evening dress or to wear if you just need to feel pretty.

Until the next Freebie Find, Take Care!

Goodie List:

MOREA - Cocktail Dress

Virtual Impressions - Earrings

KoKo - Booties

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freebie Flash: ::POISED::

Tonight's Freebie find is from  :::Poised::.   
Highly detailed clothes for women and men, great quality  and affordable prices.

 Poised released their January Group/Scribo gift today, its a lovely Black Spark dress. Specially suited for those who like to sport the elegance of a lady and still have a bit of their wild side show through.

Poised also has just released a whole new collection of uniquely designed urban outfits. Be sure to check them out, they are all great styles with affordable price tags. And for those who are looking to help a newly created avatar out POISED has been kind enough to put out a special gift for those under 30days old. One for a guy and girl.!

 Until the next great freebie find, take care!
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List:


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star Light

I was playing around tonight in my room and my camera slipped and this is what I saw...it was beautiful so I captured it too share.

Beauty in Blue (1Hundred & Allusions)

1Hundred has done it agian, put out an awesome little sweater that sparkles and shines warming up these cold winter nights. The Sweater is part of the Urban Winter Hunt, the hunt started on the 8th of January and will run till the end of the month.
I have paired this lovely sweater in two outfits cause I couldn't decide which I liked better, pants or a skirt. So the pants I paired it with are from Allusions called Tweed Moss pants. They were free once, i think or on sale ..can't remember but they are now 75L and totally worth it. In fact I recommend you taking a trip to Allusions and picking up all their pants. They have a freebie pair of jeans and some other low cost items up for grabs. The cords and tweeds for women are upstairs (300L-350L for fatpack) and they are fabulous with everything. I love... LOVE Allusions pants.

 The slinky little skirt is a previous gift mentioned a few days ago from 1Hundred as a xmas gift. It matches so well with the sweater I almost would suspect they were made for each other, but that is just a testament to Sira Savira's ability to create clothing lines that mix and match well together and are not limited to just the outfit it is originally created for. The shoes are from JustB, no longer available.

Goodie List:

1 Hundred - Sweater Top & Skirt (0L)

Allusions: Tweedish Moss (75L)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Freebie Flash: Luxus

Tonight's freebie flash comes from LUXUS, an upscale shop that features clothing for men and women at an affordable price. The group gift is matching camo  set  for both the guy and girl. The outfits come with several layers of tops and pants to get just that right casual look your wanting.

Until the next freebie find, take care.
~ Taliferrue

Goodie List: