Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Featured Store: Just Because

Evening all, tonight we wander our way to Just Because, they have some amazing women's and men's clothing here. I send all my friends here for men's clothing. In fact, most all of Mel's clothing is Just Because Designs. I would recommend you stopping in to check it out. There are two lucky chairs and a group gift which changes each month, the group is free to join. Also if you stop in and add the store to your picks you can join in on a raffle.
 Annie Melson has created some new wonderful goodies for Men and Women that I thought you might like to see. I managed to wrestle Mel down to model a few items, I swear he is camera shy. In the first outfift he is modeling the gift for the Season's Palette II Hunt gift. The hunt runs till tomorrow so hurry if you want this hoodie; which is a must have for a casual day hanging out with friends. The hunt hint here is "Getting Down to Business".  The jeans he is wearing is by Klam Designs called "Draven". Part of an outfit for 149L.
Outfit #2 is from Just Because and is by the way Mel's favorite outfit. It is called Cobalt (464L) and comes in several layers so that you can create just the look you want with it. Outfit #3 is one of the latest releases, its an awesome casual number called Intrepid (464L).
Next Mel is modeling the February group gift, Red Leather Pants. The detail is wonderful and they are unisex so girls can wear them too. The Jacket is by Klam Designs called "Kevin Jacket - Denim - Red" (69L). On Tali we have the lovely Ladies outfit called "Ladies Night" it's an awesome ensemble. I love the detail work that Annie puts into her designs.  You can wear it with or without the jacket.  By the way if you like "Ladies Night" you could get your own copy free if you join in on the Pick Raffle going on. Here is a teleport to the Raffle Board. You just add the store to your picks and then click the raffle board and follow the instructions. The group gift board is located there also, be sure join the group!

If you would like to find out more on Just Because check out the links below:

Outfit 1:
Top -  Just Because - SPH Hoodie (0L)
Pants- Klam Design - Draven Outfit (149L)
Shoes - Claws by Jungle Wear (price unknown)

Outfit 2:
Outfit-  Just Because - Cobalt (464L)

Outfit 3:
Outfit-  Just Because -Intrepid (464L)

Tali's Outfit:
Outfit-  Just Because -Ladies Night (464L)
Shoes - JustB (no longer in business)

Mel's Outfit:
Pants: Just Because - February Group Gift (0L, free to join)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The New Yorker

While perusing the destination guide for interesting places to visit, Tali saw one for a tribute to the big apple. 
The New Yorker, A Big Apple tribute city where Avatars live their virtual second lives in front of real life TV cameras. Come to The New Yorker for the fun, for the shopping or to be part of this unscripted social experience. Who will become 'The New Yorker'? Rating: G 
She always wanted to get a glimpse of the big city. 
There were so many sites to see in New York, Tali had trouble deciding what one to visit.
Since she had heard so many things about it from movies and books, She always wanted to visit Central Park. The entrance was impressive.
The park itself was really pretty, not as much trash as she expected. She had always heard it was nasty in the RL park, but these New Yorkers seemed to keep a handle on the litter issue.
 She was very glad to see they did not replicate it completely.
The only thing missing was the hotdog vendors *sigh* someday Tali will have a real New York Hotdog.
Till next time, take care.

Photo Details:

  • The New Yorker
Created using my (CTS) Wardrobe Hud, The poses inside are from the following creators:
- AAA Poses (Ella Bremer)
- Klassy Kitty Designs (Darius Scientist)
- *Le Freak* (Lonka Simondsen)
- Niamhinations! (Niamh Kleiner)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Second Life Inventory Management: Archiving Your Items

Okay time to roll up those sleeves and get to the one topic I keep mentioning in all my blog posts -- archiving your items in your inventory. I myself have been practicing inventory archiving for a year now and do find it useful, but many argue that you forget what you have archived, so why not just delete it? And their arguments have validity. A good archiving system depends on how you use it, how it is structured and how much work you put into it to keep it that way.

The simplified explanation of archiving is rezzing a box and stuffing all the stuff you don't want to get rid of into it. Renaming the box something like "Inventory Archive" and stuffing it back in your inventory to pull out when ever you need to dig through it. But I have found this simplified version does not work very well at all.

A archive system has to be kept neat just like your inventory or you will never find anything in it again. There are several tools I have used to archive/store and I will share each of them with you over the next few Inventory Management Posts. Hopefully one of them will meet your needs and budget.

The first thing I ever used for storage of my items were simple prim boxes that I made with pretty hover text over them. So that I could see visually what is in them

In fact I had only one prim box I tossed it all into, but then discovered that once you got to about 1000 items in the prim you can't find anything really fast cause it takes forever to load. So I nixed that idea. Then I got the great idea that I could create a list of categories just like in my inventory and have a box for each of them to sort my archived stuff into. This worked wonderfully for me, till I discovered that if the prim box contained all "copy only" items it created a new copy of the whole archive box which I would pick back up after adding a new item to it.

This created the problem of duplicate archives with the same name and the issue that I had no clue which was the newest box with all my stuff in it. By duplicating I mean it leaves a copy in your inventory when ever you rezz one out. About this time I was ready to give up till I came up with the idea of a "lock prim". A lock prim is a prim that is set to no copy so that it stops the archive box from duplicating. You drop one of these down in your archive box and it stops duplicate archive folders being made. The only problem with this idea I found is the "lock prims" that I made for myself, would still copy, since I was the creator. This discovery ramped up my frustration on the whole archive process and I ranted for days to anyone that would listen till Mel one day said why don't I create them for you? And I was back to archiving my inventory.

Okay now that we discussed my theory and how it evolved, lets put it to work. You will need to make sure you are on land that you can build on. If you do not own land or have a friend who does you can go to a public sand box. Now don't groan, I know there is no privacy at a sand box and working on the ground sucks cause you get hit on by all the perverts who seem to lurk at sandboxes. So for this problem I recommend building a Privacy Box aka Sky box. If you have never built anything in Second Life before and would like to read a short manual on it, I would recommend reading the SL Knowledge base on Building Tools first. But if you are the adventurous type, skip the Building Tool Intro and go right to reading my tutorial on how to build your own Privacy Box.

Now that we have a place to work, let's get to work!

If you have not yet organized your inventory into category folders, I highly recommend you read my post on folder organization on how to do that before taking this project on, as you could do your sorting into inventory folders and archiving at the same time.

First thing you need to do is create a box for each category you  will be archiving. If your using my kit all you need to do is rez out one of the Archive Containers in the kit and type the name of the category in the General Tab. If you want to build your own follow the steps below:
  1. Click Ctrl+B to open your Build Interface.
  2. Click the Wand at the top of the Build Interface.
  3. Select the Square Prim.
  4. Click the Ground.
  5. Right click the prim you just created then edit.
  6. Name it in the General Tab.
The naming of your archives boxes is up to what is easiest for you. I use the following names on my boxes. I recommend you play with them and come up with what is easiest for you to remember.

[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Fat Packs
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Brown
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Black
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Blonde
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Red
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: White
[ARCH] Appearance: Hairs: Bizarre Colors
[ARCH] Appearance: Eyes
[ARCH] Appearance: Shapes & Skins
[ARCH] Appearance: Wings, Tails, Horns
[ARCH] Appearance: Ears
[ARCH] Appearance: Tattoos
[ARCH] Appearance: Random Body Parts
[ARCH] Appearance: Full Avatars
[ARCH] Clothing: Full Outfits
[ARCH] Clothing: Shirts
[ARCH] Clothing: Dresses
[ARCH] Clothing: Pants
[ARCH] Clothing: Skirts
[ARCH] Clothing: Lingerie
[ARCH] Clothing: Socks/Stockings
[ARCH] Clothing: Costumes
[ARCH] Clothing: Jackets
[ARCH] Shoes: Heels
[ARCH] Shoes: Boots
[ARCH] Shoes: Flats
[ARCH] Shoes: Sneakers
[ARCH] Building: Tools
[ARCH] Building: Mega Prims
[ARCH] Building: Full Perm Kits
[ARCH] Building: Landscaping
[ARCH] Building: My Builds
[ARCH] Building: Scripts (be sure to box each script individually or on a note card, do not drop directly into your archive prim)
[ARCH] Animations: Pose Balls Couple
[ARCH] Animations: Pose Balls  Single
[ARCH] Animations: Loose Animations (these are the animations not in a pose ball already)
[ARCH] Home: Pictures
[ARCH] Home: Living room
[ARCH] Home: Kitchen
[ARCH] Home: Bedroom
[ARCH] Home: Hot tubs/Pools
[ARCH] Home: Decorations
[ARCH] Home: Plants
[ARCH] Home: Game Room
[ARCH] Home:  Patio/Outdoor
[ARCH] Home:  Skyboxes/Houses

Okay I think that is enough to get you started on your way on naming your boxes, I could sit here all day writing out all the names for the ones in my box. I am very detailed orientated and have mine broken way down to small categories, for easy finding.

 Now you should have category folders in your inventory and several category named archive boxes sitting out on the ground. Begin small, choose the category you think is the smallest and start going through the items in the folder, slide over the things you do not want to toss but do not use often into the archive box content tab. I have a folder in my Object folder I use to hold my archive boxes, easier to slide them up into it when you pick them up as they will most likely show up in the Object folder first.

 Take frequent breaks, and just work through it one folder at a time. You will see a dramatic decrease in your inventory.

There are two tools I picked up on Marketplace that I used for a bit before reverting back to my basic prim container because I found it just as easy to search a prim box as these items. I do recommend if you are not satisfied with the basic prim container you check these items out. Several of my friends use them and swear I am crazy for not using them anymore.

Inventory Box Organizer (215L)
This is a handy device which is a normal box but with scrolls on it so that you can scroll through your items stored inside. It has hover text over it that tells you the name of the item, what type of item it is and how many your box contains. It has a menu in it, when you find the item you are wanting through scrolling the times, you click the box and select retrieve and it is once more in your inventory in the Object Folder. It also goes to sleep after a while so that the script does not keep running when not needed. The creator claims you can put as many items in it as you like, that there is no limit, but I found scrolling through a couple hundred items just a tedious as waiting for my single prim archive contents to load.  I do still use them for certain things like my meeroo nests.

This device is much, much more advance than the one above, as can be expected by the price, but I am pretty happy with it. This one has a search feature and sorts by permissions. I really like the "Folder" option, it rezzes a box for you to use as a folder so it does the work of creating the boxes for you. (Such a lazy girl I am). Using the menu you can ask for a list of all the items in the SortaMatic. It is also very easy to use. It also changes the names of the folders to show which were altered when. 

Over all I think these are some of the best tools developed for Inventory archiving. I am just a really...really impatient person :)

Till the next post, take care my fellow organizers!

Picture Details:
Hair -Amacci Hair -Mindy (275L)
Wings - ::{Favole}:: *Entangle*.(60L)
Skin - [PF] Alyx by Pink Fuel - Hunt Gift (10L)
Eyes - Realistic Honey - AZ Eyes Marketplace (5L)
Ears - Elven / Elf / Fairy Ears gen 02 Windlow (375L)
Earrings - !!NK TALYA Earrings (part of a full outfit 250L)
Ring - Claddagh Woven Ring - Silver (795L)
Glasses - ROLE OPTIC GLASSES SG 82 - Ares I (469L)
Outfit: - [: B!ASTA :] - Dress Up, Little ChikiTa! (185L)
Shoes: - [: B!ASTA :] -Summer Fun - TC Leather Flats(150L)


  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cart Sale at Wash

It's Time for the Cart Sale @ Wash!! Hurry Grab Your Purses!!
Take the Cart Challenge. We Dare You!

Serra and I decided to take The Cart Challenge. The Cart Challenge is where you have a budget of 100L and you must make the most complete outfit without going over budget using only items purchased at the Cart Sale at Wash.

What is the Cart Sale you ask? It is only one of the most awesome Biannual Sales in Second Life; where a ton of designers come together to feature their creations in a massive sale sponsored by Hell Bop & Fab Free. All the items on sale are only 10L! Its a cornucopia of great deals in one place... a shopaholic's wet dream! It runs February 22nd to March 14th. You have 3 weeks to get you and all your friends over there for a massive shopping spree that will leave you all drunk with goodies galore!

Serra and I spent a good hour or so pouring over all the carts, getting lost in all the goodies awaiting purchase. I will admit I have a mile long list to go back for since I didn't buy anything but what I was going to use for the Cart Challenge. But all in all, I think I came away with some good stuffs, since I discovered that most all my favorite designers had a cart.
OUR CART PERSONAS "Babs & Petunia"
 It was actually embarrassing cause I was half rezzed in and was impatient and I saw this awesome Lace cropped shrug in teal then I noticed the awesome jeans  next to it and  I was getting all excited hollering at Serra to come look at this awesome clothing designer I found. She tellys over to me and gets this tone to her voice. If you have a best friend you know this tone.. its the "what are you trying to pull" tone. Her voice is kind of exasperated and she goes ..."What do you expect ...it's Allusions". And right at that moment the logo prim rezzes in for me and I stand there feeling silly for not recognizing my favorite designer's clothing.

Yeah.. I bought it.. I bought all the stuff on the cart and if you're smart so will you. Allusions.. is awesomes! As Serra said later "Your outfit will be predictable Tali" and she is right, it is...The Lace Crop Shrug, Lowrise Boho Ink Jeans, Short Boots, Beaded Tunic Tank, Pretty Pink Makeup and the Spirit of Summer Jewelry Set I am wearing are all, yes you guessed it .. Allusions. The lovely skin I am wearing is by Style by Kira, called "Stefani Skin 01A". The only Items I am wearing not  from the cart sale is my hair, which is by Raspberry Aristocrat and my belt is by IZUMIYA.

Serra was a bit less predictable than I was, she mixed and match designer's to create this bronze goddess. I have to admit I didn't expect it. With the way she was going on as she changed I figured she would look like a clown. It took me almost an hour to finally get her to come out of her house for photos. I dubbed her look "Babs". The skin she is wearing is also by Style by Kira - Willow Skin 01H. Her Hair is from Bizarre Hair, Cinta Black (It's adorable, I am going back for it), Her dress is by Sn@tch, Nymph Dress(gold), Her Bangles are by Elemental Earth Designs. Her boots are by Baby Monkey, Liberty Patch Boots Coffee. Her Necklace and Earrings are by Allusions.The poses are from Style by Kira's Pose stand.

All together Serra spent 60L on her "Babs" outfit. I spent 70L on my "Petunia" outfit. So I would say Serra won this challenge hands down against me. *Pats Serra on the back* Great Job Serra!

If you do the Cart Challenge be sure to post a link to it here, So Serra and I can see your wonderful outfits!
Till the next great find, take care
~ Taliferrue

Goodies From The Cart Sale:

Serra's "Bab's" Persona
  • Sn@tch - Nymph Dress (Gold)
  • Elemental Earth Designs~ Inlaid Wood Bangles 
  • Baby Monkey - Liberty Patch Boots Coffee
  • Allusions - Spirit of the Summer Necklace and Earrings
  • [Bizarre Hair] Cinta Black
  • Style by Kira - Willow Skin 01H

Tali's "Petunia" Persona
  • Allusions - Lace Crop Shrug 
  • Allusions - Lowrise Boho Ink Jeans
  • Allusions - Short Boots
  • Allusions - beaded Tunic Tank
  • Allusions - Pretty Pink Makeup
  • Allusions - Spirit of Summer Jewelry Set 
  • Style by Kira, - "Stefani Skin 01A". 


  • Poses were created using my Style by Kira Pose Stand.

Links to the feature Merchant's Main Stores:
  • Hell Bop
  • Fab Free
  • Sn@tch
  • Elemental Earth Designs
  • Baby Monkey
  • [Bizarre Hair]
  • Allusions
  • Style by Kira
  •  Raspberry Aristocrat

Featured Store: [: B!ASTA :]

Tonight I was totally avoiding working on my inventory. I know..I know I can hear Serra now..."Tali...get to doing that inventory... don't buy anything else till you get it below 10,000 items." Yep, I can hear her clear just like she was standing here next to me. So... in honor of her, I decided to skip cleaning my inventory and  go to her favorite store, B!ASTA to check out the sales and free goodies since I got a really enticing notecard from the the B!ASTA group today.

B!ASTA has great casual and elegant fashion for men and women. Currently B!ASTA is having a 1st year Anniversary Celebration. They have some great gifts and items on sale...a lot of it up to 50% off. If you have been drooling over an outfit there, now is the time to hop over to see if you can get it on sale! You can read up on the sale on their blog. This is the perfect time also to sign up for their update group. It's the last week for it to be free, after this weekend you will have to pay a fee to join. It's worth getting in early, the group gifts are always made for men and women and its totally worth the member perks in sales.

 And wonder of wonder guess who I ran into  at B!ASTA, yep Serra, it is her favorite haunt after all, I should have known better. I tried to hide but as you see I wasn't very effective. Aren't the cow seats adorable! They have some great sitting areas in the store.
Since I was  busted, Serra and I waited around for the Lucky Letter board to come up with our Letters, it has so many cute items in it. I got the VIA MODA: Zig Zag Sweater Dress with tights. Serra's Letter never came up (mwhahahaha.. its all mine!)
There was so much to look at in the store, I took my time roving over the displays and in the process I found  the hunt item for the Hearts Ablaze Hunt. Which runs from Feb 22-Mar 3. It's a little heart with flames above it. In the prize for the women you get a cute Skin "Carissima: Pale", The heart on the lips is just adorable. I had fun posing with this skin. The Skin has a highly detailed Heart Tattoo on the left breast. You can see glimpses of it in the other images. The outfit I am wearing is the male's gift for the same hunt called "My Valentine". Looks just as good on a girl as a guy.
I also found the Glamour hunt Item which is in a pretty purple invite envelope. The Glamour Hunt runs from Feb 15 till March 15th and costs 10L. The Glam Queen boots and matching handbag inside are totally worth it, in fact worth a lot more. They match the Women Stuff Hunt Gift. Which is the Strictly for Girls Jacket and Skirt set.

B!ASTA has a huge selection of group gifts for you to find in the store. If you look to the left of the lucky boards there is a past Group Member gift board where you can pick up the amazing past gifts given out. The newer releases are along the side of the divider wall behind the front desk. There are several gifts on the front desk.I did not feature in this post, so be sure to check those out too. The following are some of my more favorite gifts.
:Dream Promenade: September 2011 Group Gift
: Let it Snow: Group Gift December 2011. 
:New Beginnings: January 2012 Group Gift
: Love is a Bird: February Group Gift 2012. 
:So Many Hearts: >2000 Group Members gift
:Miramar: 1000 Members gift - Subscriber Gift

I didn't post all the free gifts available here. Bomboloni Freschi, owner of B!ASTA, loves to give out high quality gifts, so there is a ton of them to find around the store, you just need to take some time to look around. Also if your under 30days old B!ASTA takes part in the Freebies4Newbies program, be sure to check out the board in front of her store on it. Also hit the subscriber and don't forget to join her group before this weekend is over!

And with that I bid you adieu, till tomorrow, take care!

Goodie List:

  • [: B!ASTA :]

Other Details:

  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Life: Sandboxes and Privacy for Beginners

In the beginning it is hard to get used to having no privacy or not having the appearance of it, since in second life there really is no privacy. Usually one of the first things I cover with new players is how to find a small spot of your own temporarily to change your clothing or sort through your inventory. Many people make friends or rent land in order to have a place called home but if you do not own land or have a friend who does you can go to a public sand box.
A sandbox is a place set aside for building, these places can be pretty busy and chaotic but usually are full of people to meet and learn  from. I made a lot of friends in the beginning at Sandboxes. But a small warning, you might be hit on by the more uncouth players. If this occurs and you are upset by it remember you have a mute button, right click the uncouth avatar, select mute and poof they are gone.

When selecting a Sandbox to visit keep in mind there are different types of sandboxes, some for regular building, scripting and some for combat weapons. When you teleport to one look around for a sign explaining the rules to you. Beware at the combat ones you can take damage and die (teleported home).

Also most Sandboxes have a auto-return clean up that is set on the parcel to clean up clutter and mess people leave. Look around for information on their auto-return policies before getting settled in so you are not taken unaware by it.

 Here are a few that have been recommended to me in the past:
Now as you look around the sand box on the ground, you notice how  it is crowded. As a new player your probably thinking how are you expected to change with all these people watching really? Well you don't; You build a privacy box in the sky and use it. But a small warning, the sky may be teaming with people too. You just need to find a Sandbox that is active as you like it. That could take a bit of shopping around.

If you have never built anything in Second Life before and would like to read a short manual on it, I would recommend reading the SL Knowledge base on Building Tools first. But if you are the adventurous type and never read instructions, read on to learn how to build your own Privacy Box.

1. Click Ctrl+B to open your Build Interface.
2. Click the Wand at the top of the Build Interface.

3. Select the Square Prim. 
4. Click the Ground.
5. Right click the prim you just created then edit.
6. Select the Object Tab
7. Under Size (meters) enter 20.0 in the X, Y Slots and 0.10 in the Z Slot. You will have a large flat prim.
8. Build another box on top of the flat prim you just built following Step 1-4.
9. Right click the 2nd prim you built select edit.
10. Click Move Tab (cursor pointing at a square icon), you should have red, blue and green arrows/lines coming out of the prim now.  
11. Hold down your shift key, click the flat prim. you should have both prims selected now.
12. On the Build interface click link.
13. Now sit on the smaller prim. 
14. Once your seated right click, edit on the flat prim
15. Select the Object Tab
16. Under position (meters) enter in how high you want the box to go up in the sky. I usually enter in 3500.  You can not build higher than 4,096m. The minute you enter in the number and click off the slot your box will shoot up into the air carrying you up with it. If you accidentally stop on someone's platform just follow step 14-16 and enter in a new height.
17. Once you are at a height you are happy at, click Ctrl+B to open your build interface
18 click on the edit tab.
19. Check mark "edit linked"
20. Click the flat prim
21. Hold down on your shift button
22. Click the blue arrow and pull up on the prim. A duplicate prim of the flat prim will be created. 
23. Click the new prim to edit
24. Click on the Object Tab
25. Type 95 in the Hollow Slot 
26. Under Size (meters) enter 20 in the Z slot. Now you should be surrounded by a huge hollow box. 
27. Use the blue edit arrow on the hollow box to move it down to touching your original flat prim (floor prim
28. Check that "edit linked" is still clicked
29. Click the original flat prim (floor)
30. Hold down on your shift button
31. Click the blue arrow and pull up on the prim. A duplicate prim of the flat prim will be created.
32. Drag the new flat prim to the top of your hollow box to create a ceiling for your privacy box. 
33. Hold down your shift key and click on each of the prims you have created w/o letting go of the shift key
34. Select Link 
35. Click on the General Tab Change the name to "Privacy Box"
36. Select the Texture tab, Select a color or find a texture in your inventory and color the box so that it doesn't hurt your eyes. A lot of Sandboxes have free texture boards you can get free textures and other building tools.
37. Now you can take a copy into your inventory to be rezzed at a later time as you need it. To get back in your privacy box from the outside you use your camera to cam into the box and select sit on the small box prim. It will pull you inside of the box.

And that is  how you create your small private spot in Second life. Please remember this is temporary. You need to clean up after yourself when you are done as Sandboxes are not your mother. *Grins*

Till the next post take care!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plummy shopping trip...divine day.

Today I was cleaning out my inventory and found a lovely pair of Plummy Bow Strap Shoes I had forgotten I had picked up for free from the G Fields Scribo a while back. They didn't really match anything I had in my wardrobe, so that meant either tossing them or ...yeah that's right...shopping trip!

 I decided to make a quick trip to Leri Miles Designs, who always has some really nice clothing that matches my style. I had some store credit there so technically I wasn't going on a spending spree..right? Right..that's my story and I am sticking to it. It was really hard to decide what to buy with all the cute outfits on display but I finally ended up picking up the "LMD GIllian Fluorite" outfit in a beautiful plum color for 250L and a lovely "LMD Lisa Stawberry" bag for 125L to go with it.

And then to top the outfit off I picked up the latest group gift from Virtual Impressions, "Key to My Heat Necklace in Gold with Rubies". If you have not been to Virtual Impressions you really should. They always have high quality gifts for group members (free to join) and great sales where you can get amazing jewelry and accessories at really affordable prices every month. This month you can get a really pretty dragonfly necklace. Then I tossed in some stuff to finish it all off from old buys from the past, see the list below for more details.

And I am off to organize my invy a bit more, till the next post ya'll take care!

Goodie List:
  • Leri Miles Designs
    Gillian Fluorite Outfit (250L), Lisa Strawberry bag (125L)
  • G Field  Mainstore
    *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate"  (Free, Group Scribo)
  • Virtual Impressions
    Key to My Heart Necklace in Gold with Rubies (Free, Group Gift, Free to Join)
Other Details:


  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

1 Hundred great gifts..well not really 100, but a lot of them.

Good Evening All!

It's Friday! I love Fridays.. means I have all weekend to play in my inventory and blog. I received my blogger review box from 1 Hundred so I have some amazing stuff to share with you all today. Sira Savira has been busy, busy, busy at 1 Hundred this month. She has designed some really awesome outfits for sale and several awesome freebies for gifts.

In the magic review box this month there were several awesome outfits to review for a special Sale called "A Flawless Valentine Cart Sale @ Flawless" but I slacked....well not really slacked, just had too much to do and didn't get to showing you the great sale items. But! She does have these same sale items for purchase in her store so If you like them hop over and pick them up.. they are only 100L each..as is everything in 1 Hundred, hence the name.. get it?
This lovely little gown is called Simply Silk Dusty Rose. She has several colors available in her store.
The other outfits you should check out in her store are the Friday Night sets. She has a Friday Night Mixer, which is the Red and white one above and then a Friday Night set which is just solid colors.  I loved the sparkles on this outfit, definitely a club going affair!

While Serraphena and I were at 1 Hundred checking to see what items were up, we picked up the new group gift and Serra got the Februalicious hunt which also runs from  Feb. 1st - Feb. 29th.  Since  the gift for both were under clothing, Mel put his foot down and said I was not allowed to post half naked images of myself on my blog for everyone and their fathers to stare at me. But, Serraphena was nice enough to volunteered to be perved in my place!!
For this hunt you are looking for a gold bar. The hint for this cute panty set (which btw Mel told me to keep) is "If you get Dressed up you will find this great hunt gift". This set will probably become my new base set to wear, it's that cute.
The group gift is an cute little heart T, with matching bottoms. I could so see sleeping in this outfit in RL. It looks just comfy. I would be sure to go by and join the group, its free, and every month there is a new awesome gift to pick up.

1 Hundred.  joined Brandy's Attic a new sale spot that focuses on vintage designs for 200L or less and has two really adorable items up for sale at 100L.
Serraphena and I hopped over to check it out and see what all designers had goodies up for sale. We saw quite a few of our old time favorites up and several new ones we put on our list to go check out closer. You have till February 28th to get the two outfits 1 Hundred has on sale there before the store switches out its inventory.
The first outfit featured at Brandy's  is the Uptown Retro Sweater. It went wonderfully with my slit skirt I got from 1 Hundred as a Christmas Gift. I love it when outfits come together as easily as this one did and looks classy.
The second outfit is a cute dress called "Glamour, that clings to your figure in all the right places. I liked the single strap on this dress. I am not sure what that style of dress is called, someday I will learn all there is to know about clothing till then.. its a cute dress...get it while you can.
As a bonus we found some awesome Capri by Black Crocus for FREE! These are awesome detailed Capri, go get them....Black Crocus does amazing work. I think I like them as much as I do my Allusions Cords... and that says a lot. Nothing beats Allusions Cords...but these Capri go well in that quality ranking. Slides over into my keeper pile.

Another freebie you might like to pick up is 1 Hundred's gift for the Jack and Jill Hunt which runs from Feb. 1st - Feb. 29th. You will need to visit 1 Hundred's main shop for this one.
The hint to help you out is - Look for the designer Online to grab this hunt gift. You are looking for a blue disk with the sign of a woman on it. The gift is this cute little cropped Hoodie that comes in several layers and a tube top for the more modest minded (I know it was made for me >.>, yes my ego is that big).

Another great sale item available from 1 Hundred. is The Dare Bodysuit @ the XYROOM for $80L.
   Everything at the XYROOM is 100L or less. This will be there til February 24th. I really loved the print on this body suit. I added it to the 1 Hundred slit skirt to get an adorable ensemble, yes I love that skirt. It goes with everything..well almost. It doesn't go too well with my armor.. not that I tried it out together or anything >.>.

And last but not least 1 Hundred. has another New Release out for the Designers Showcase, A really nice sale spot that changes their products three times a month.
1 Hundred is featuring the red version of the Simply Silk dress @ the Designer's Showcase. Its a great dress to wear to a night club or out on a date with your loved one. While your there check out all the other great designers who have items up for sale. I found quite a few things that I put on my list to get on pay day. I bet you find at least one or two things you can't live with out too. If you like check their website out to see picture of all the merchandise ahead of going to visit.

And last thing I have to share tonight is  KoKo's Group gift, a Red Gossamer Dress with a long and short skirt.
This one will be changing soon, so if you want it...go grab it. The group is free to join. While there be sure to check out all the great sales KoKo has on the stands around the group gift. They have an awesome pair of mesh pumps that are color change for only 199L right now. Check out the KoKo update blog for more details on new releases and sales.

Whoo.. that was a long post.. enjoy my freebie seekers and deal hunters. Till the next post , Take care.
~ Taliferrue


  • Poses were created using my (CTS) wardrobe hud, unsure of who created the animations in it.