Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deal of the day! Everything is 10L!

Don't miss out on the awesome 10L sale  at dirty.little.secret. The whole store is on sale.. no she isn't closing...she is helping  a friend who needs money. All those items you wanted but are too cheap to buy? Well get down here today! Even I the cheapest of all cheepies...think this is worth my L's!

Get your Taxi here!

Angst of JOI

Style Card
✪  Evolve: JOI Gown
✪  Maxi Gossamer Lost Eden - Rebecca - SILVER + OPALa
✪  {Lemon Tea} Elven Ear Pierced Black Loops
✪  *ANNA SHAPES* - Jasmin Model (Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale)
✪  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Rinoa Hair Black I
✪  Style by Kira - Nessima Skin - DBA 2 (Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale)
✪  .Insufferable Dastard. June Gift / Tropical

Poses:  A mix of poses/props used. 
✪   Stage by Lost Angel Poses (Photo 1,2,3,)
✪   Forever Alone Prop Box by Beetlebones (Photo 4,5,6)
✪    Focus Poses, Male Set 4_4 (photo 1) Model 74_7 (photo 3)

Enjoy and have a great evening, take care all!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Pause in Blue...

Style Card
✪  Paris Metro Couture: You Are Goddess - Santorini-
✪  *Felicity* Courtney Group Gift
✪   PixelFashion :)(: NAILS Collection AA
✪  >TRUTH< Neve - caramel
✪  Maxi Gossamer Bangle & Earrings Lost Eden - Rebecca
✪  {Lemon Tea} Elven Ear Pierced Black Loops
✪  *ANNA SHAPES* - Jasmin Model
✪  [Pink Fuel] Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice
✪  IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel
Glamorize: Red Pain Make Up (Eyes/Lips/Tears) 
✪  Focus Poses: Model 77_6 & 74_1
✪   Photo Location: First Street Jazz - Live Entertainment Venue

I ist so tired tonight, y'all take care!

::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu

This outfit is ::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu it comes with 2 colors red and pink its sold by BareRose.

Shoes: ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w/HUD

Hair has been modified for petite size. The girl in pink is wearing the original  look but has been shrunk down to petite size. The girl in the red   is the same as the one in pink but I have modified it.
There is a hair at Exxess like the one the girl in red is wearing.


Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack

[Petite outfits ]
  ::: B@R ::: Petite TongPu

[Petite Hair]

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bandana Day

I am so excited! Hair Fair 2012 is just around the corner. This year I got selected to blog it, so I am doubly hyped over it!

As part of the Hair Fair there is a Bandana Day where people all over SL remove their hair and wear Bandanas that were created and donated by SL Residents to show their awaremess of the event and help raise funds. These Bandanas are sold for 50L each and are a lot of fun to collect.

This year I received the Bandana kit to create my own bandana to donate! This is the first time I have created anything an avatar would wear so I had a lot of fun figuring it out.  I have to say my Bandana is probably pretty dorky but I love it... it is fun.. and I like fun! If you would like to make your own Bandana to donate check out the Hair Fair Website for more information. Hurry cause deadline is June 3oth!

Style Card
✪  @MP Bandana Day Bandana (only available at the Hair Fair starting July 29th)
Leri Miles Designs - Shirt, Pants, Bag - Depraved Summer Love Hunt Gift
Tameless Hair - Cocoa Hairbase
{Lemon Tea} Elven Ear
EarthStones Sunny Bangles
[Pink Fuel] Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice (ltdbrow) (past hunt gift unavailable)
✪  Purple Poses Pose 07

Tootles! Take care!

Petite Sunbird

This amazing Petite outfit is by BareRose is call Petite Sunbird. It is nicely detailed and comes
with a hat,bracelets, armbands, shoulder drape, and choker.

the hair is called *TSM* R.Red ~ Petites ~ Unisex ~

Find it at The Stringer Mausoleum

shoe are ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w/HUD

you can change the color of the shoes , gems and the texture

Prop: Tinkers Royal Pachyderm Place

For petites; comes with 3 places to sit with about 6 animations  per seat


Photo Details:

[Petite Mesh Avatar] 
Fallen Gods Inc.- petite elves full avatars pack  -

[Petite outfits ] 
 Petite Sunbird by BareRose

[Petite Hair]
*TSM* R.Red ~ Petites ~ Unisex ~

[Petite shoes]
 ThatChick's Petites Jillybean Flats w/HUD

Tinkers Royal Pachyderm place

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale

There is nothing I love more than a good sale, well maybe a good hunt. Put them both together and you have an awesome event like the Summer Lovin' Cart Sale and Treasure hunt. 

The event runs from June 23 – July 8. 

There are over 30 carts set up by some fabulous vendors. Each one has a special item created just for this sale priced at 50L and a special Sim-wide hunt. Gifts are 10L each, just look for a treasure chest.

I got a few items for review and hopped over to see what else there was, I set my self a budget of 500L and I have to say it was hard to stick to  it -but I did! Check out the awesome items I have to share today!

It's Not All About Business...

Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale Items:
✪  Dressed By Lexi Prim N' Proper full outfit
✪   ELUZION * Lizza Earrings RED
✪   [essencial] Cheetah Mesh Ballet Flats & Clutch
✪   *ANNA SHAPES* - Larissa -  Exclusive Summer Lovin' Shape
✪  ::Dulce Secrets:: Merlyn Amaretto Bikini (Mysterious Black) Skin
✪   ::Dulce Secrets:: Summer Lovin' Lagoon Eyes

Other Goodies Used:

✪  .:Glamorize:. Red Pain Makeup (Eyes & Lips)
✪  Maxi Gossamer - Pearl Necklaces - Combo - Long - MIXED COLOURS
✪  Moondance Boutique -  Long Metallic Red Nails
✪  [LeLutka]-JOLIE_RM hair - Harvard
Focus Poses: Handbag Set 10_6

Let's Dance...

Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale Items:
Kakia Designs - Hawaiian Amethyst Gown
✪  Style by Kira - Flawless Physics 
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Lindy Buffy Maroon
✪ *ANNA SHAPES* - Iris -  Exclusive Summer Lovin' Skin
✪  Style by Kira - Nessima Skin - DBA 2
✪ ::Dulce Secrets:: Summer Lovin' Lagoon Eyes
WetCat - Linares Flamenco 2 & 5

Other Goodies Used:

She's Gots Legs...

Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale Items:
✪  Bubble's Designs - Laura

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Lindy Buffy Maroon
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes -  Lindy Simpleigh Maroon
✪ *ANNA SHAPES* - - Raissa Model
✪ ::Dulce Secrets:: Merlyn Tequila Bikini (Mysterious Black)

Other Goodies Used:
✪  .:Glamorize:.  Purple Pain Makeup (Eyes/Tears)
✪  PixelFashion: :)(: NAILS Collection AA ( Size 20 ) ( L )
✪  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Silver Twin Hearts - Long
Tameless Cherry - All Colors
✪  [dirty.little.secret] :: light blue eyes
✪  Focus Poses:  Model 74_2


Flawless Summer Lovin' Cart Sale Items:
✪  Island Style -  N ROMANO  ROSE HAWAIIAN Top & Skirt
✪   [essencial] Cute Mesh Ballet Flats & Red Mesh Clutch
✪   *ANNA SHAPES* - Larissa -  Exclusive Summer Lovin' Skin
✪   ::Dulce Secrets:: Colene v 2 Bitter Bikini Exotic Blue

Other Goodies Used:
✪  TRUTH Brandi - caramel
[dirty.little.secret] :: light blue eyes
✪  Focus Poses: Model 71_2 & Male Pose 2_5
✪  WetCat Photobox - Summer in a box

Enjoy! Take care!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Itty Bitty Hunt Goodies

June 1st - 30th
Cost: Free
Start: Rook Poses
Length: 26 stores

I have been looking out for a petite hunt ever since I got my petite avatar, so I was thrilled when I saw this one coming up.  All the items in this hunt are sized for petite mesh avatars and the hunt theme is the Quest for the Holy Grail, so lots of King Arthur style and Medieval items.

The hunt group is the Itty Bitty Hunt Info Hub:
Paste SLurl into local chat to find group info.

~ Serraphena

07. Chywe's
18. Gullivers Crossing
02. Deviance

08. Demotik
19. Sister Fate
24. Roses Petite Garden

12. Petite Elemental Jewelery
20. HunnieDews
25. FL Designs Pixie's
22. Petits Tresors - with colour change HUD
26. Alli & Ali Designs - 2 styles in 11 colours each

05. Roawenwood 
10. PRIME - with single, couple and adult poses
16. Prim & Pixel Petites
09. Bedizen & b - with texture change menus

15. Tinkers

01. Rook Poses
17. Morrigans Closet
23. Dragon Magick Wares 
21. A TadBit Tiny R Us
03. .::Shattered Souls::.

13. The Stringer Mausoleum - scripted and unscripted versions
04. KaiAna
14. Sweet Bites
11. Heartistic Petites
06. Thingies & Co. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Goodness.

I thought I would share a few fun outfits I found in my inventory as I was clearing it out. These were too cute not to photo.

Lost In Thought...

Style Card:
✪  .: Somnia :. Button Flap Shorts {Gray} & Le Mew Tee {Teal}
✪  TRUTH Betty - caramel✪  Favole - Entangle *version 3 white* 
✪   Label Motion - My mobile phone red -Subscriber Gift
✪  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Lealao Pendant
{Lemon Tea} Elven Ear
{W&R}  My Summer Flats - TOSL Hunt -
Fudge - .:LISETTE:.: Shape  (0* Ears) Little Pout (SMYS hunt gift)
✪  ::Modish:: YolaBalbina Sunkiss

Salute the Night...

Style Card:
✪  ShadowMoon - Aginst  The World Unisex Blue
✪  :Para Designs:: Rainbow Stars Color Medium
✪  Favole - Entangle *version 3 white* 
✪  DuckNipple - SLX Outfit - BMX :. Necklace
✪  {Lemon Tea} Elven Ear
✪  Style by Kira - Serenity Skin 02C opt.1
✪  Tameless Hair -  Clara - Cool Tones

Flying High...

Style Card:
✪  Allusions-Tweedish Trousers -Ash
✪  Tameless Hair Base - Light Brown
✪  ~Cysleek Design =^.-=~   - Mesh Top Birds (Group Gift) - Sneakers Red/White L (Group Gift)
✪  Favole - Entangle *version 3 white* 
✪  Maxi Gossamer - Hip Chain - Babette   Earrings - 60's Gogo Disks - BW - L

✪  {Lemon Tea} Elven Ear
✪  Style by Kira - Serenity Skin 02C opt.1
✪  Pose - Apple Spice Casual Male 005

 Hope you enjoyed :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home & Garden Market Summer Fair

A little birdie came and told me about a great event going on at my favorite Home and Garden Sims, Triskelion Shores and Triskelion Market. They are celebrating summer time and their one year anniversary at the Home and Garden Market!  The Summer Fair on the Triskelion sims will run from 23 June to 29 June.

I hopped over to check it out; they have a small hunt going on where you get a fully furnished summer cottage, as well as fun events all during the week for you to take advantage of. The hunt is totally free all you have to do is locate the 17 apples scattered across both Sims.

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


Shabby Tabby 



About The Store:
✪  Shabby Tabby features shabby chic, neko inspired furniture and accessories.

✪  Maybe you would like to can these apples?

 ✪ Lil' Summer Cottage (0L)

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


Marmalade Jam (3 apples)


About The Store:
✪ Marmalade Jam is a fun furniture shop that also features prefab houses/skyboxes. Their style is primarily shabby chic from what I observed.

✪  1. Whoops a daisy!
✪  2. Apples on high
✪  3. In a basket with my friends

 ✪ Home Sweet Home Artwork, Rainy Days Coat Stand, Candle Bowl Green

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

L’aize Dayz 

About The Store:
L'aize Dayz has a wide range of comfortable furniture for a perfect lazy day in SL - pg and couples.

✪  The red apple fell off the table with the red radio

 ✪ Laundry Hamper, Dresser, Mirror, Slippers

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


About The Store:
✪ Sway's is one of my favorite furniture stores to visit. They always have something interesting and fun out for you to play on or buy at a great price.

✪  Up in the air

 ✪ Trunk with Blanket & Pillows (5 sits)

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


About The Store:
✪ ThisNThat is an eclectic home decor store. It has a wide range of items to give your home a nice feel.

✪  Don’t look back

 ✪  Birdcage & Cat

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

Exquisite Eye Decorations 

About The Store:
✪ Affordable Home and Garden Decor.

✪  Marmalade Jam made from Exquisite apples?

 ✪ Matching Beach Loungers

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

 Beach Street 

About The Store:
✪ Home decor items and decorative touches, and full size homes and structures!

✪  Coffee at Beach Street? Or maybe just a coffee table!

 ✪  Summer sofa & Summer photo frame

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

Prism Furniture (3 apples) 

About The Store:
✪ Affordable, high quality furniture and home decor. Awesome details that make your home you.

✪  1. I’m ready for Johnny Appleseed to plant me!
✪  2. Leftovers from a midnight snack
✪  3. The apple doesn’t fall far

 ✪ Tall Lamp w/ Picture frames, Coffee Table, Watering Can Lamp

Some other great goodies from Prism Furniture (not free):

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!



 About The Store:
✪ Senzafine features curiosities & accoutrements.

✪   Newton was enlightened when an apple fell on his head. Good thing there isn’t any gravity in SL to make me fall while I hide!

 ✪ Corner Hutch

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


About The Store:
✪ Eclectic home furnishings with amazing style.

✪   Mirror Mirror on the wall

 ✪ Vertical Striped Blue Rug, SeaStar Rug and Hanging Painting of "cats"


Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


About The Store:
✪ Storaxtree brings the finest of quality from traditional furniture sets, home and garden items also curios. They have something for everyone at affordable prices.

✪  Take a seat

 ✪ Winchester Bed - Aqua & Winchester Nightstand

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

Dreamscapes Art Gallery 

About The Store:
✪ Art gallery with fine original SL Artwork from Carlotta Ceawlin and artist friends. New and growing collection of Furniture and Home decoration goods to make your house a home!

✪   Warm yourself by the fire

 ✪ Summer Cottage Armchair & Table

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!


About The Store:
✪ Retro and vintage furniture and lighting.

 ✪  Three jars not one of them applesauce

 ✪ Leafy Ceiling Fan

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

More fun on the Home and Garden Sims!

The hunt is but one of the many activities they have planned see below on all activities offered:
✰  A sim-wide hunt – join in the hunt fun and you can end up with a fully furnished summer house and garden for free!

✰ Lots of new and sale summer items at across the 2 sims of home and garden stores

✰ 10L summer special spot – pick up new and sale home and garden items for 10L

✰ A Kidz Korner – home and garden items for sl kids and their families

✰  An Artists Corner – fabulous art pieces from our home and garden designers

✰  A summer formal ball – on the last day of the fair there will be a lovely outdoor summer formal ball, hosted by First Street Jazz

 Join the Home and Garden Market group or watch the blog to keep up to date with all the information about these events. To join the group please paste the following link in open chat while logged into SL secondlife:///app/group/cd5b09db-3e54-a54f-74f9-8d3681634e8b/about

Official Blog:  Home And Garden Market

Catch your Taxi to the Home and Garden Market now!

Take care and have fun finding your own house!