Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fae Playground

So in my wanderings the other day, I accidently hit the wrong teleport in the search page and landed in this enchanted fairy tale at Fairy's Grove Creations. It's this amazing fairy tale fantasy world where you can wander and explore. There are so many possibilities for photos I couldn't resist playing with my Fae outfit I created for a previous post.  Hope you enjoy the pretties as much as I had in making them.

✪ The Bohemian Underground - Indian Astrology Gown
✪ Maxi Gossamer - High Tea + Cupcakes (199L @ the FAIR event, runs till Oct 16)
✪ {Lemon Tea}  Long Elven Ears (175L)
✪ *ANNA SHAPES* - Kira (800L)
✪ IKON Kaleido Eyes - Day (M) (September Group Gift)
✪ *Reality Designs* Unseelie Wing (L) Gold (past hunt gift)
✪ :::Shiva:::Group5555 Giftskin (Free)
✪ Tukinowaguma Satomi Hair - Brown
 Focus Poses Fairy set & Model Set 90

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pink Fuel @ The Knitting Circle

Hi everyone! [Pink Fuel] is participating in the rummage sale happening at The Knitting Circle. There you will find older items such as skins, animals and accessories deeply discounted. 

If you have admired my skin I wear all the time Alyx <Hazel>, now is your time to get it.

She has set it out at this sale for 75L. Trust me this skin is so worth it.

Here's a snap shot of what she has out. It's all marked down really low. Now is a time to grab those past group gifts you missed at only 10L each. A steal of a deal in my opinion.

There are also great deals from Bloom, Atomic, Paperdoll, Aura, and Riddle. I am not sure how long this sale lasts so don't put off visiting too long.

Take care till the next great find!

Time to decorate for Autumn!

Prism Furniture has announced a new release this week and I thought I would give you a sneak peek of it. It's just in time for your renovation of your home to a fall look! This amazing sitting area is perfect for offering your visitors a nice place to sit and relax on their shopping journeys or just as a great place for you and your loved one to spend a chilly autumn night chatting together under a beautifully autumn colored gazebo. The gazebo is 22 prims and costs 750L.

I really loved the little side table in the center of the adorable display set. The eyes of the pumpkins glow in the late afternoon shadows. The side table is 24prims and costs 200L. The  Lantern is 4 prims andcomes separate for 150L.
The chairs are decorated with pretty throw pillows. It comes with 7 sits. It is 17 prims and costs 350L.
To accent the delightful setting you can pick up this charming  butter churn for 150L. It is 2 prims.

While your at Prism Furniture take a few minutes to pick up the most current hunt items and take a look around the new store. Prism offers a wide array of products that help create a warm and welcoming feel to your living and working spaces. There is something for everyone -- Living Rooms Sets, Bedroom Room Sets, Outdoor and Gardens, Fountains, Nick Knacks, Photo Frames, Lamps, Fireplaces.

The Twisted Hunt - Fall Darkness - OL - Sept 30th (
Serendipity Hunt - Sept 1st-30th - 1L- (
Till the next great find.
Y'all take care!
~ Taliferrue

Friday, September 28, 2012

The BIG sale at [elikatira]

Omg!! I nearly missed out on the most awesome sale in SL going on right now but thanks to my pal NatashaAngelfire, I didn't let the biggest fix of my hair addiction life get past me.

That's right my dear hair addict friends...
[elikatira] is having their huge annual 70% off sale!! 
That means their whole collection is just 75L-84L each!!!!

Here is just a small selection of what I bought tonight. I have to admit I purchased almost the whole store. (whispers) Don't tell Mel but I spent our savings on hair. I am such a hair addict.


So what are you waiting for? RUN!!!
Lol! Till the next great find, take care!

A bit o' Autumn Effect

Today I would like to share with you this cute little outfit I got from the Autumn Effect hunt (TAE). The hunt runs until October 15th and gift items are free. There are over 100 designers participating.

 In the outfit above the nylon cotton tutu orange skirt is  Razorblade Jacket's TAE gift. The Cookie Cutter Top :Zebra n Pink: is by V&M Inc for TAE also.

The Raven Skull Pendant is by Maxi Gossamer for SWAG Fest ,which opens Oct 1. The hair I am wearing is a new relase by Tameless  called Maya. It costs 199L, unless you buy it on the marketplace then you get a 10% discount.

The lovely skin is a newer release  by Apparence Skin   LILOU T3 E2 (700L). It is available for purchase in seven different skin tones. Also if you act fast you can get a version of this skin as the group gift for this month It's a pretty pale skin tone, well worth the trip.

The eye and lip make up is a new release from  Glamorize called  Wildkat Makeup. I am wearing the Combo 7. You can get the full set for 21L. It comes with 21 Layers (10 Lips, 1 Eye Makeup, 10 Combos). If your looking for an amazing selection of make ups, drop by Glamorize -- huge selection -- low prices -- great quality.

Fpr the base of my avatar I am wearing my ever favorite  {Lemon Tea} Elf Ears Plain (175L), a newer release of *ANNA SHAPES* - Kira (800L), and  IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (150L).  The poses are new releases from  Focus Poses - Model Set 104_7 & 107_4.

I also have a few sales/events I received in my note cards I want to share:

Somnia has  created two color versions (whte and black) of the Pinned Courtesan outfit  for the I <3 Rouge event. They will be 100L for the duration of the event. Each set comes with 5 mesh tops in 5 sizes and 2 bras & 2 pairs of panties. The event takes place September 28-30. It is a fundraising event for a sim that has been around for four years you can read up on it  You can read up on the event at the I <3 Rogue's flickr page.

6 Amazing Quality Designers bring you Exclusive Items along with amazing deals on other items all located  at The Designer Warehouse! Prices are set for all the items in the warehouse to HALF PRICE OR LESS! of what you would normally pay for them, so not only is it a fantastic place to get the latest exclusive new releases from a collection of Home & Garden Designers but also get some absolutely amazing bargains! All items are out to demo so be sure to drop by and demo them before you buy! Featuring ..... Michigans Shack, The Strawberry Box, Baglady Designs, Sleepy Hollow Farm, CIRCA & PDN's Potpourri . Here's a sneaky peak at the Exclusive Items available now....

The Ego Co. has put out the call for interested designers for their upcoming event - Around the world that will begin November 8th, 2012 – Ends November 28th, 2012.

Around the world will be a gathering of participating designers to come together and choose a region of the world. Not only will they create content that is based off of that region, they will bring it to life. Captivating culture and putting the very breath of diversity into the fingertips of a seller; shoppers will come to Around the World to experience the senses of these places. New or old, it will feel like they are being taken away, a haze of Africa clouding their sight; the bustle of Russia biting their fingertips; the heat of midsummer China sweltering along their collar. More than just an event, it is a milestone of celebrating equality in Second Life and culture in a virtual world.

Contact for event management
In-World Contact: BellaStarr Fhang (via IM or NC)
E-mail Contact: bella.starr.fhang @ –or- @

From the 24th of October to the 1st of November, designers entered will be able to use free vendor space for The Costume Ball. They must make an item exclusive for the event, fitting the theme of “dark, but with class.” That means no gore, or repulsively overdone content that is tailored more outside of the bounds of culture.  The hosting sim will be “Fable”. The standards for the event will be on the higher side, entry means you will be in the company of designers that perpetuate a tasteful shopping experience.

Contact for event management 
In-World Contact: BellaStarr Fhang (via IM or NC)
E-mail Contact: bella.starr.fhang @ –or- @

Well I am off to take a nap, Y'all take care!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'll be a fool...

Today I would like to share with you a couple freebies I picked up at Punky Chicks; the tank top and shoes in the picture.

You can find these items on the counter in the main store. You will need to join the update group, which is free. I love the little owl Punky Chicks uses for their logo. It's adorable. I am also wearing Punky Chicks' patterned jeans in cyan. They are available in nine colors for 90L each.

Here is a close up of the cute mesh open toed heels. They come with a color change hud so you can tint the toes to  your skin tone. It was very easy to use.

*waves* That's all for this post. Till the next great find, y'all take care.

Style Card:.
 Punky Chicks: Exclusive Group Gift Tank
 Punky Chicks Group Gift Open Toe Mesh Pumps
 Punky Chicks: Patterned Jeans Cyan (90L)
Tameless PeggySue - Browns (179L)
 Apparence Skin LILOU Fair skin (0L, group gift)
 Glamorize's Metallic Nails in Sky (5L, 50L Fatpack)
 {Lemon Tea} Elf Ears Plain (175L)
 *ANNA SHAPES* - Kira shape (800L)
 IKON's Utopia Eyes - Light Hazel (150L).
 Words in photo from Lionel Richie Endless Love Lyrics
Focus Poses Model Set 71_3

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fairy Opera

I was inspired by The Bohemian Underground's Indian Astrology Dress today. Its part of the MIDweek Madness sale for 325L, regularly 895L.  It's just screamed Fae and is just beautiful. If you are needing a new dress, check out The Bohemian Underground they have a wide selection of dresses that span the ages.

The Bohemian Underground - Indian Astrology Gown
Maxi Gossamer - High Tea + Cupcakes (199L @ the FAIR event, runs till Oct 16)
{Lemon Tea}  Long Elven Ears (175L)
*ANNA SHAPES* - Kira (800L)
IKON Kaleido Eyes - Day (M) (September Group Gift)
✪ *Reality Designs* Unseelie Wing (L) Gold (past hunt gift)
✪ :::Shiva:::Group5555 Giftskin (Free)
Tukinowaguma Satomi Hair - Brown
Focus Poses Fairy set