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- Review Policy -

I am happy to accept review copies, or be listed as official store blogger. In fact I am honored you feel my blog is good enough to feature your hard work. .

Featured Store Posts:
Featured Store Posts are not like our normal review posts. It is a more in depth view of the store and designers. We like to give  a snapshot of the history behind the store along with a review of the products. Click here for how to submit your store for a Feature Store Post, see examples of Feature Store Posts.

Restrictions on Blogging:
I am willing to take a look at anything to blog; clothing, furnishing, builds, etc. I only have a few restrictions on what I will blog.
  1. Items must be for regular sized avatars as I do not have a petite avatar. If you have a petite avatar you want me to blog, I will be happy to lift this restriction.
  2. Clothing items must cover all the naughty bits, I am a bit modest. 
  3. I do not blog anything for Designer Circle.
Notification of being Blogged:
I will send you a note card in SL when a review is posted, so that you may check out what is said about your store/creations. Please understand, time rules what I can blog - so if your item is time sensitive be sure to tell me, or I may not get to it in time!

How to send your review item: You can send your items in a folder or box. I do ask that you label it with "review item or blogger kit", something that will help me identify it is a review submission. A note card with some general information on the item is very helpful as I do like to give the price of items along with showing it. I do have some helpful suggestions on how to get the most PR when submitting your items as often than not I do not have time to hunt down all the details on submissions.

Submit  to: 
Taliferrue Cathaldus
Helpful Submission Suggestions to get the most out of our blog of your stuff:
This is not required but will help me help you the most!
  • Submit your review item in a folder or box clearly labeled with blogger in the title
  • Include a note card with the following:
    • Store Name
    • Your Name
    • Landmark
  • Brief description of your store, any event you want mentioned etc.
  • What makes your store awesome? Sitting areas? Games? Slapboards?
  • Brief description of item…is it a hunt item, limited time item, free, cost etc.
  • Any Urls to Store Websites, twitter, facebook, etc
  • Any links for update groups & cost to join.